Getting Through The Winter

The Dead of Winter in Oshkosh, WI

We are creatures of habit. Each of us have hundreds of habits, many of which help move us through our days with ease. We awake to an alarm, hit the snooze, wake up again, walk to the bathroom, turn on the shower, reach for the soap and begin our daily tasks without stopping to give a moments notice. Life indoors is predictable, allowing us to develop daily routines that add comfort to our days. However, life outdoors in Wisconsin, where the climate is forever changing can throw a wrench in our days.

During the winters, waking up to a fresh snowfall or a sudden drop in temperature, icy conditions or blistering winds is often daunting.  The extra time it takes to shovel, heat up the car, and slowly drive to work is not always accounted for. Mother nature is just one of those unpredictable forces, causing sudden changes in our environment that we have no choice but to deal with. The transformation from fall to winter can cause many of us to fear what the months ahead will bring us, often causing an overwhelming amount of gloom. However each year winter hits, we somehow manage to find our way through it. We learn to adjust to the new conditions, at times fairly seamlessly, at other times with great struggle.

How we deal with winter once it has hit is really up to you. It is a choice, a mindset, and a commitment. So let me offer you some ideas that will help you to move through winter with ease.

  • Don’t let winters shades of grey effect you. Just before the winter hits, start decorating your house with more color. Hanging colored Christmas lights around the inside of your windows preserves color in your life.
  • Stay active throughout the winter. Strap on your snowshoes and go to your favorite summer hiking trail. The beauty of the snow blanketing the terrain can be breathtaking. Get out your auger and your tip ups and go ice fishing.
  • Bundle your children up and get outside. You could take them sledding, build a snowman and make snow angels. And don’t just be a bystander; engage in the activities with your kids.
  • Keep yourself warm and cozy. Get out your favorite warm blankets and drape them on chairs and couches around your house. Wear plush slippers. Sip on yummy hot chocolate or soothing tea. Slip into some flannel PJ’s, right when you get home from work.  Make some healthy soup for dinner.  Take candle lit bubble baths.
  • Don’t allow yourself to become isolated. Invite your friends over for dinner, game night, or for movie night.  Put together a snowshoeing, skiing, or snowboarding trips with your friends.
  • Stay motivated. If you notice yourself having a harder time getting out of bed, place your alarm clock out of reach. Once your up stay up. Make yourself a schedule and stick to it. Set your coffee maker to start brewing a couple minutes before your alarm goes off so you have a delicious smell to wake up to.

With a little determination and commitment, you can adopt new activities into your life that will help transition you into the changes of the seasons. Developing new routines often comes with some resistance, however once you are in the swing of it, you will find yourself embracing winter’s presence.