Although the canvas of your life is painted with daily experiences, behaviors, reactions, and emotions…never forget you are the one controlling the brush.

Throughout my work, I have always believed that the compassion I have for my clients, my perspective of how valuable and wonderful each and every one of us are, and my pure and honest dedication to each and every client is what helps to heal.  I honor every client’s individual values, perspectives, and goals and will embrace your uniqueness with open arms. I understand on a personal level, having gone into therapy to overcome many battles myself, that working on oneself is not always easy.  You must be brave, motivated to heal, and have the strength and self-awareness to seek help.  If you have the strength to take these steps, you have the strength within yourself to address your issues and health your struggles.  My previous counseling positions took place in Southern California, where I helped people from all walks of life.  I have worked with family adjustments and problem solving, financial and social stress, difficult life adjustments and transitions, disordered eating, and individuals who have been labeled with previously diagnosed mental illness looking for a new perspective on their life history.  I have special love for and experience with angry teens, children and youth with attachment difficulties and developmental challenges.  I bring to Respect Counseling Center my genuine personality, positive energy, and seven years of experience to the warm and nurturing environment.